Another one for the big kids….The Oleg Story

ImageIn continuing yesterdays theme of games for grown ups, we would like to share with you this fresh new offering to the table top market. It’s so fresh it isn’t even out the oven yet…or even in the oven…ok, so their still kneeing the dough. Nonetheless, we’ve seen the ingredients and love the recipe and cant wait to taste that sweet “prison” pie. Welcome to The Oleg Story. A prison survival game….Just watch out for a files & other sharp objects before you take your first bite.

TOS tells the story of a Bradley Manning meets Julian Assange type character named Oleg D. Tyler, who hacked and leaked sensitive information about the US government to a third-party. Unfortunately for Oleg, he’s now been strapped with a double homicide charge and has been incarcerated in the most sinister prison known to man. Chock-a-block, full to the brim with nasty people. No doubt a measure by his accusers to silence the whistleblower for good. I know what your thinking. This is some edgy stuff. Real close to the bone like.

See here’s the thing. TOS is a co-operative game at heart…well…almost. Oleg affiliates himself with the “Non-Gang Members” of the prison and refuses to join any of them. So you know he’s a nice guy. The tricky thing is he’s forced into a world of violence, which is going to prove a challenge to his pacifist tendencies. However, the other inmates are not so friendly and probably have no qualms about meeting you in the shower for a little discussion. The game takes up to 6 players and sees you negotiating, allying, and betraying your way to the top with a mixed bag of contemporary prison gangs. Now, we appreciate this subject matter may prove to be a bit too sensitive for some people, but we don’t believe this game to be a glorification of gang culture, rather the designer has created a compelling “what if” scenario. In fact Latest Pursuit has gone to such lengths to create a mythos around our beloved protagonist that the game will come with a back story DVD and a comic book series is even in the works. Its clear this is going to be a deeply character driven game and we hope to see some tough decisions with steep consequences before any violence erupts between the feuding factions. We love games that pose moral dilemmas and hopefully this game will scratch that itch.

ImageLike we said, TOS is still in the making and is due to launch on Kickstarter as we speak, but with the game being 80% completed there is little to worry about in the component and mechanic department. What you’ll get in the box is loads of expertly and beautifully crafted miniatures representing all the different factions of the warring gangs, plenty of cards with items to barter and use, and a tiled board that seems quite expandable allowing for many more future Oz like scenarios for you to reenact in the comfort of your own home. A simple dice mechanic also keeps you on the move around the prison allowing for strategic and tactical character placement, making the game appear easily accessible for gamers of all levels. So don’t worry about reading a rule book for weeks wondering if trading cigarettes for a makeshift toothbrush shank is legal or not. You can just get stuck in…..excuse the pun. All in all this looks set to be a memorable kickstarter project and we’ll hopefully get a great thought-provoking and entertaining game out of it. We’ll keep an eye on this one.


Why everyone should play….Cave Evil

ImageAlright folks. Lets pack up “Settlers of Catan”, put the kids to bed and break out the games for big boys. No more mister nice guy. Let me introduce you to Cave Evil. This extremely obscure and rare game, which was originally printed back in 2011 and released to much acclaim, is receiving a reprint treatment later in the year. And thank Hastur’s cloak it is! Pop culture fans with a taste for the extreme will instantly get where this game is coming from, and should take to this like a swarm of plague bearing flies descending upon a festering corpse. The first thing you’ll notice about Cave Evil is the Black Metal inspired “Necro” art. The designers have gone to extreme lengths to create something that is unique, ambient and captivating to behold. Just check out this trailer they made as proof. There promises to be over 340 cards, 120 creatures, loads of events and items, all with their own individual artwork. Now before I continue, let me pause here for a minute as this subject matter is very close to my heart. So listen up ‘oh ye of the uninitiated’! Don’t be fooled by any preconceptions of glossy, full colour Fantasy Flight style game art you might possess. There is nothing amateur about this. It’s an art-form that adheres to extreme sensibilities and to say its “dark” would not do it any justice. It’s straight up ‘pitch black’ and rough as hell! And purposely so. Just like the music of Black Metal, the initial sensation of “rawness” is merely a defensive screen to separate the weak. Behind its crusty enamour lies incredible complexity that can baffle even the most open of minds, leaving you standing in utter bewilderment in the realisation that what you have just witnessed is nothing short of beautiful. The presentation of Cave Evil is probably the games greatest strength in constructing a theme of impending doom. In short, no light will be found here.

However, if you don’t know your Impaled Nazarene from your Marduk, fear not! Cave Evil is not “so” extreme that it excludes any gamer from the table. Anyone unaware of such madness will not lose their mind in the blink of an eye upon opening the box. So don’t worry, your sanity is safe. Now put down that crucifix, its only a game.
Anyone who has ever enjoyed a good ol’ dungeon fist fight will find the game incredibly accessible and a thrill to play. Players take on the role of undead Necromancers who control squadrons of daemonic creatures to do your every bidding. Cast spells, excavate tunnels, claim treasures, fight enemies and of course, summon more demons!! The board is made up of some 40+ hex shaped tiles that you lay out according to various scenarios and will have you traversing deadly cave after deadly cave for aeons to come. So there is plenty of adventuring to be had in these dank, noxious tunnels. Ultimately, in a game like this, dealing with this subject matter, the end goal should be obvious. Be the last, most evilest, muthaf#*ker standing, and claim your right as heir to the Black Flame of the Pit. You can pre-order the game HERE….I know you want to…..You can hear them too….join us….join us….join us…………..